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Take the first steps to a healthier life, start with PRUmyhealth Zone!

Prudential has partnered with Swiss Reinsurance and roadtohealth to bring you a whole new healthy platform - PRUmyhealth Zone , enables you to fully understand your current health status and then improve it with useful health tips and guidance.

Comprehensive online health assessment, understand your health status

After taking the 15 minutes comprehensive online health assessment, you will receive a personal health indicator - Q Score®, showing the status of your health against 100 other people with the same age, race and gender as you. The system will analyze what impact your lifestyle is having on your health and advise how to improve.

Follow professional guidance, moving ahead on your journey to a healthier lifestyle

You can set yourself some realistic goals in your way of life to kick start the 12-week health programme and receive weekly health information and guidance. Progress trackers will help you monitor and visualize how you are gradually moving ahead on your journey to a healthier lifestyle. You will also be able to update your lifestyle activities on a regular basis to get a new Q Score.

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